Miracles happen when our hands are joined together.

This Prohibition Must Remain in Place

My personal preference for international newspaper reporting is the New York Times. I have continued reading it on Sundays for years to get balanced interpretations of the previous week’s global events. However, they really missed the mark last month with their editorial promoting the legalization of marijuana. Essentially, the NY Times’ editorial board argued that […]

Our Journey

As a father who was addicted to an addicted son, my process of recovery, and perhaps yours, took a parallel road through the ups and downs of denial, anger and resentment, shame and guilt, depression and helplessness, and finally acceptance and resolve. Each of these emotional experiences was unavoidable, but absolutely necessary, in order to […]

Better Late Than Never

The adage ‘better late than never’ can be invoked with ease to many of life’s twists and turns. It usually announces a happy event finally emerging after delay and obstacles, and perhaps other nefarious forces conspired to prevent it. And so it was with Caritas’ forever home on Hanlan Road. After decades of bouncing about […]

Life at King – The View From Inside

Since I’ve been at Caritas, I found that those who come to the farm develop a special bond.  They become closer with one another. We have a great group of guys that actually full heartedly care about each other.  Without the support of the guys, I couldn’t say I’d be at my 6th month mark.  […]

A Mother’s Testimonial

I have gained from someone else’s pain. Yes, somehow, at a time when our family needed direction, someone shared their story with my husband about their pain & suffering as their son was spiraling out of control due to alcohol, drugs and gambling. It was if we were listening to our own life story being told […]

The Winter of Our Discontent

The phrase made famous first by Shakespeare and again by Steinbeck could easily be applied to this winter. My son is in the first six months of the Caritas program, and has just turned 20 without feeling the warm embrace of his family in recognition of that life event. The harsh weather continues relentlessly and […]

Have We Lost The War On Drugs?

The news from the drug warfront isn’t good these days. By most accounts, our leaders – the politicos we have elected to make sound policy and law judgments to keep us safe and orderly – are failing us. What can we make of the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and soon, Washington state? Are […]

A Christmas Wish

Today I put up the Christmas Tree. It stands a little off kilter this year without your help to get it right But it stands strong and proud in the corner Peacefully lighting up the night.   The decorations are all silver and white this year – simple and clean. I almost put one red […]

Hope Unleashed

The first woman on Earth, according to Greek mythology, was Pandora. She was given a box from the gods with the strict instruction to not open it – under any circumstance. Being mortal, she was prone to inquisitiveness and couldn’t resist the temptation to see what was inside. Evils of the world, pain, hate, destructiveness […]

Far Beyond Driven

As a child my mother would tell me “Sometimes you have to go through hell if you want to get to heaven.” Back then I really didn’t understand what this meant. But now that I have been through my hell, I am starting to see the light at the end of my tunnel. Before seeking […]