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Are you curious? Did something happen to you? Did something happen to your family? Do you have a problem you don’t know how to handle? Is this about your Life? Do you know what it is going to take to change? Do you really need the experience of a program to put your life in order? Are you ready to embark on a journey? Are You Ready? If you are, contact us. We can help.

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Caritas focuses on the root of the problem and therefore this experience becomes your journey to recovery rather than a technique. Your journey will take you into your past and is one of exploration that involves an emotional passage and an “awakening of the conscience”. Phrased differently, it obliges you to recall your past with honesty. Understand that proceeding without honesty leads to a “denial of truth” which will continue to be stifling and inhibiting…in many instances it will produce anger and rage. If the journey is stopped, you risk reverting back to your old ways in a more intense manner. If you choose to move forward you will come to resolve the roots of your problems – why your life is as such… how your life was formed…shaped…and influenced.

The knowledge that you acquire, then, will be used to positively alter your future. The fundamental goal is to arrive at a level of “acceptance” that will essentially set you free. This freedom represents a breaking of cycles created and maintained for generations. Caritas helps you develop a sense of self worth, helps you to become responsible, functioning and a contributing member of society.

The structure of the Caritas Program is both rigid and fluid. Although certain core principles are adamantly enforced, the structure and rules can change. Caritas is able to adapt to new circumstances and individualized needs and to incorporate new approaches for the exclusive purpose of aiding your recovery. The structure, therefore, exists to facilitate your individual process in re-connecting with life and establishing an independent and responsible lifestyle.

The duration of the program is 24 months and it is offered as a complete experience in 4 phases. Both experience and research suggest that the best treatment appears to be highly correlated with time. “Time provides an opportunity not only to grow older, but also to grow up, to mature and to leave the irresponsibility of youth behind.” In short, it takes time to “unlearn” the unproductive attitudes, lifestyles, and values and to rebuild a solid foundation for a meaningful recovery.