Miracles happen when our hands are joined together.

In Praise of Failure

By Tullio Orlando, Executive Director, Caritas  I admire Thomas A. Edison. He was a prolific American inventor (with a Canadian connection – his father was from Marshalltown, Nova Scotia no less!) and held 1,093 U.S. patents in his name. His ingenuity and vision revolutionized our social world and propelled us into the future – or in […]

Are YOU Ready?

Recognizing and acknowledging that there is a problem is often the most difficult step in dealing with a loved one suffering from an addiction. We tend to become stuck in seeing who they are rather than how they are behaving. That often keeps us in a place of trying to help them by loving them […]

What are we really saying – yes, no, maybe?

By Tullio Orlando, MSW RSW (Ph.D. Candidate, Social Work), Executive Director, Caritas  What’s the difference between living and flying high over the state of Colorado? Answer: about 33,000 feet. Bad joke. Sad reality. While in-flight from a trip to California recently, I again pondered the legalization of marijuana in the state that received the most news […]

The Cost of Being Vulnerable

A well-known figure in Canadian society remarked, “A community’s worth is measured by the way it treats the most vulnerable.” That thought stays with me every day, because  I work with gentlemen who suffer from a well-known modern calamity: drug addiction. When I express this to people I meet, nine out of ten look around […]

Courage is a many-splendored thing

I’m trying to remember the last time I showed courage. It’s not an easy task because courage is a multi-dimensioned notion. Anyone can apply their own definition for it. What is it exactly? Often it’s a measure of our determination and concept of self-esteem. Essentially, each of our delineations are what distinguish us from others […]

Hurry Up and Read This!

Modern life is too messy, too complicated, and too fast. We want instant gratification for practically everything we do and we want it now. Forget the adage good things come to those who wait – it takes much too long. We occupy a time when the word slow has been practically obliterated from our vocabulary. […]

Thanks for the Wasaga Break

One of the key goals of the Caritas Family Group (CFG) is to help raise funds for the needs of the residents.  Ask and you shall receive….it actually does work! We are so very fortunate to have loving and caring CFG members who are champions for the residents, along with awesome Caritas Co-ordinators and Staff […]