Caritas School of Life is a Therapeutic Community with a multi-dimensional approach to recovery. The residential program encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional and vocational needs of a human being within a highly structured, family-like environment. Program length can be up to 24 months.

Caritas is known for its impact in achieving a total change in lifestyle.

At Caritas, we know commitment to a long-term program may be a difficult decision. However, our 80% success rate from those completing the two-year therapeutic program is a viable alternative to anything short-term and or quick fixes that don’t address the reasons why substance abuse evolved in the first place.

We offer an opportunity to enter the therapeutic community on a monthly commitment. With one month at a time, we have seen that the longer an individual remains in the program, the easier it becomes to make the decision to continue to receive the help they need.

A chance for a better life is possible.