Public Education and School Presentations

Education is the cornerstone of what we do at Caritas. As part of our service to the community, we have developed a program to assist schools in educating young people about substance abuse, maladaptive behaviours, and recovery. Upon request, we can arrange for a member of our treatment team to conduct a session for your school, community group, or parent council. Our programs are conducted in an open, non-judgemental format which allows for questions, co-operative learning, and above all, honest communication.

To book a session, please contact us at 416-748-9988 or email us at


Residents in the program receive both group and individual sessions on a weekly basis.

We  have staff that also accepts community wide speaking assignments from elementary and secondary school facilities in an effort to educate youth on the devastating consequences associated with drugs and alcohol.

Armed with years of experience and accompanied by one or two of Caritas current residents, students take part in an impacting session of real-life and facts associated in making life alternating choices.

Now booking for 2019 class or assembly sessions. Please contact us at Caritas 416-748-9988.