Message from the Founder

Caritas started from a very simple realization in the streets of Toronto. People suffering from problems and causing problems were superficially either labeled as criminal or pushed into clinic-like treatment facilities. However, human beings are much more than a legal subject or a well balanced structure.

If we want to help people their process toward maturity and responsibility, we must be able to offer them an environment that includes direction, logic, and a consistent system of values. In doing so, their journey will be filled with a disciplined lifestyle, profound respect, and love. This is what we mean when we say that Caritas offers a multidimensional holistic approach to human problems including addiction. The community and the family must be present in this approach and its process.

This process starts from the honesty and humility of accepting the challenge of changing our own direction in life, should the greater respect for human and spiritual values require it. Our program is a program for everyone who believes that life is a project we have been called to understand, to nurture, to love, to offer. Caritas is a project of love, and it is professional because it respects human beings in its deepest sense.

Founder of Caritas School of Life Gianni CarparelliFather Gianni Carparelli