Wind in my Sails

Where I have been and where I may go aren’t as important as where I am. Right now, I am healthy and I am whole. I was before a ship adrift with no captain at the helm, but now I am an anchored vessel with compass and captain prepared to meet any rough waters I will encounter. But a captain and ship are of little use without a crew. My community of brothers here at Caritas is my crew. If the ship starts to sink, they’re right there with me to patch the holes and drain the leaks. If the sails tangle or tear, they are there to help guide my ship on its chartered course. Without a strong, united crew, I’m not so sure the ship could stay afloat, much less navigate through open waters; where the danger lies, where ship wrecks can happen.

But through them and myself, I have faith where there was none before. I have hope now, that together we will reach our destination, wherever it may be. It is our journey together where we see broader, brighter more beautiful horizons. And right now, where I ‘m at…well, let just say I have a spectacular view of the sun inching over paradise island. Every day, every moment, together we inch closer and closer to it.