Thanks for the Wasaga Break

One of the key goals of the Caritas Family Group (CFG) is to help raise funds for the needs of the residents.  Ask and you shall receive….it actually does work!

We are so very fortunate to have loving and caring CFG members who are champions for the residents, along with awesome Caritas Co-ordinators and Staff who take time away from their families to help ours.  These are the individuals who unceasingly ask and set up opportunities to do special outings or events for our boys.  And equally important, are the kind and generous CFG members and families that donate funds, in response to the asking, that make these special events a reality!

Thank you to these individuals and families, on behalf of all CFG members.  Thank you for giving the residents the opportunity to enjoy a break from their routine.  To enjoy what undoubtedly was the finest weather all summer long!  For us to enjoy time with our loved ones, to see their progress, see glimpses of the wonderful individuals that we know they are and yes to also experience the challenge of remaining consistent and united in our message of “we love you, you need help, we can’t help you, take it one day at a time and we are excited to see you finish the program”.

Just as the residents are part of a community, so are we. (By the way, as a group we ROCK at doing potlucks!)  All members and staff contribute in whatever way they can by donating their time, expertise, food, throwing extra dollars in the coffee fund, baking or supplying cookies, taking and sharing photographs, buying raffle tickets, attending events etc…  But by far, it is through consistent attendance of our Tuesday night meetings and sharing of our experiences with existing and new family members that binds us as a group and helps us to learn, become strong and heal, as our loved ones work through the road to recovery.

As parents we have been asking and looking for help for our loved ones.  We have received the gift of Caritas and the CFG.  Ask and you shall receive….yes it does work!