Mental Health Day Program

My Second Home is a nonjudgmental, safe space for people with mental health illness, and is a program that offers a variety of group therapy sessions tailored specifically for mental health recovery and reintegration into the workforce. The program operates on a drop-in basis, and runs Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm, with groups running from 10:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-2:00pm. Time in between group is open as a self-care drop-in space for participants to engage each other socially and pursue creative endeavors with program resources.

My Second Home offers support for its participants and their families by providing psychoeducational family sessions at one’s request. We have strong community partnerships with other mental health agencies, OHIP covered psychiatrists, and employment services, providing a holistic approach towards mental health.

The mission of My Second Home is to remove the barriers that stand in the way of accessing affordable mental health supports. Our program is fully funded, and we work towards providing care as immediately as possible.

All participants will undergo a brief intake meeting to determine program eligibility. You must contact prior to your first visit.

My Second Home takes a holistic approach by offering groups that encompass the biopsychosocial model. This means that our therapeutic groups address all aspects of your life to provide comprehensive mental health support. We operate from a client centered and person first approach, and work with each participant individually to help achieve their personal recovery goals.

For daily programming, please refer to our monthly calendar:

 Group Therapy

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 My Second Home Groups


My Second Home believes that having fun and exploring your community is an important aspect of mental health recovery. We offer outings as a part of our program to engage socially in a group setting, and to become more confident in navigating our surroundings. Outings are posted online on our monthly calendar, and require pre-registration in person, by phone, or by e-mail as spaces are limited.

What is our intake process?
We require all participants to undergo a very brief intake meeting with staff so that we are aware of how we can best serve you. Please e-mail or call (416) 748-9988 and speak with Vanessa if you have any further questions.

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Client Testimonials

“I feel so lucky that this program exists. It has become an important part of my life. The staff are friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and inclusive of everyone. They are so supportive and helpful. This is a safe place for me to confront my anxieties/fears and work on them. I still have a lot to work on and I have faith in this program helping me through it.”

“I am very grateful for My Second Home. I knew that I needed more than just the treatment of medication for success in my recovery. My Second Home provides the additional support that I need to maintain my health. The programs at My Second Home gives me a greater insight about my illness and provides the coping skills necessary to deal with my illness. The program appeals to a wide range of learners and people from various backgrounds. I have fun too. My Second Home is a safe place to share and I really appreciate being around people with similar challenges. The staff at My Second Home is supportive, compassionate, understanding and accepting. The dedication of the staff to break the stigma of mental illness is encouraging. As a result of the services of My Second Home, I have been able to volunteer in several different capacities and work.”

 “My Second Home has helped me manage and cope with my symptoms of schizophrenia. I have become healthier mentally with their help. My anxiety had gotten much better and I am now able to work again.”

 “My life was like a dark hole. My bed become my prison. Things had to change because I was losing my life. Then, I found Caritas My Second Home, a friendly group of people who taught me different ways of thinking. A place where people inspired and believed in me, professionals who shared my journey and destroyed the stigma of mental health. They gave me a life again! I am eternally grateful for My Second Home. Now, I am currently in the process of applying to volunteer work that I hope leads to a job opportunity.”

“My Second Home is more like my first home. The program is a miracle worker. The staff are very helpful, kind, and respectful. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking help, or anyone who wants to work on daily struggles.”