Life at King – The View From Inside

Since I’ve been at Caritas, I found that those who come to the farm develop a special bond.  Planting1
They become closer with one another.

We have a great group of guys that actually full heartedly care about each other.  Without the support of the guys, I couldn’t say I’d be at my 6th month mark.  We are all here to achieve one goal.  A better life for ourselves.  This goal would be so much more difficult to achieve if not for the brotherhood formed within the Caritas community.

With the winds of summer are in the air and there are feelings in the house of wanting to leave, but with a buddy who is looking out for you at all times, those feelings are easier to overcome as we move forward into another day.

I personally think the best thing to ever happen to the farm is having Dario here.  For myself, he has been the most helpful in my recovery.  He is the backbone of our community.  We actually can feel and see how he truly cares about us and I believe I can speak for all in saying we appreciate the example he sets for us.

The gardens are about 85% done.  You can see the pride the boys have taken in it and for me it’s one of the only things in a long time that I can say I am proud of.  The gardening bonds the community even further as the older residents (residents who have been in the program longer) share their experiences with the younger ones, and work together.

With the workshop (building beehives), the creative expression nights, and daily chores it becomes more and more evident of how much each of us have to offer.  As a family we motivate each other to a place we have not been able to go before.  With each day we overcome the emotions that have kept us from succeeding and learning of new found potentials.  With each day we start to take back control of our lives.

Looking forward to the summer months and the next phases of my recovery!