Hello, my name is…

With my first official week as executive director concluded, I wanted an opportunity to formally introduce myself to the Caritas community. It is a privilege to be given this chance to join the agency.

No stranger to the work of this organization and the status it holds in the community, I have witnessed the rebuilding of lives altered beyond recognition by the destructive forces of substance abuse and mental health conditions. The strength of the organization’s mission is more than separating the person from the drugs. The core of Caritas is about healing and rebuilding the complete person.

For those not familiar with me, I am a licensed professional social worker and former print journalist with a passion for human interest and social justice. For more than half my adult life, I have worked in and written about social services. The reward for me is continuing to meet so many individuals along the way and these experiences have had a profound influence. Most notable, they have made me sensitive to and aware of our human condition and how fragile we are. Decisions made today have far-reaching effects later in life. Sometimes decisions are not well-informed and have devastating results on ourselves and loved ones. If not for an organization like Caritas, what becomes of individuals who – through making terrible personal choices or life events beyond their control – have abandoned life?

I am proud to be a part of Caritas in my new capacity of executive director. Ours is a unique and respected organization with a well-earned established reputation. Its devotion to individuals in need and the people providing the outstretched arms of help are the driving forces that fuel Caritas. Without doubt, there will be many future challenges and opportunities. As we approach the 25th year of community service, it will also be a time to celebrate the rebirth of the men committed to their personal renewal and honour those victorious in their reclamation of body and soul.

I am eager to advance Caritas and its therapeutic community model of care with which we engage in our everyday work. I especially look forward to beholding firsthand the rejuvenation of the human spirit as it unfolds for those who seek it.

On behalf of Caritas, I welcome your comments, suggestions and support. Please feel free to contact me, in confidence, at tullio@caritas.ca.

Yours truly,

Tullio Orlando
MSW RSW Executive Director