Better Late Than Never

The adage ‘better late than never’ can be invoked with ease to many of life’s twists and turns. It usually announces a happy event finally emerging after delay and obstacles, and perhaps other nefarious forces conspired to prevent it.

And so it was with Caritas’ forever home on Hanlan Road. After decades of bouncing about from rental space to rental space, the dream all of us have to one day have a place that identifies us. Just like our spiritual farm in King City identified us for more than 20 years our urban centre will do the same. Of course, we could do without mortgage payments but that is a technicality of life we shouldn’t allow to detract from this small wonder of achievement.

On September 24, we formally announced to the community that Caritas was officially in Vaughan. While we already had a presence in York Region this was our new home housing our administrative offices and urban day activities in a location we could finally proclaim ourselves as masters of our own destiny. Better late than never.

While I don’t want to put too much emphasis on brick and mortar or allow a building to define us in a materialistic way, I do feel strongly that we should acknowledge this achievement. It wasn’t easy but it’s unquestionably now part of Caritas’ ongoing journey. Of course, one can always make the argument that while a mortgage is still very much a part of the picture, one is still renting, I personally choose to set that aside. It’s the emotional aspect of having a place of one’s own that I want to emphasize. In fact, just obtaining a mortgage is achieved enough in a way.

We hope to make many happy memories here while helping the young and older persons who walk through our permanent doors get back on track to the happier, healthier quality of life everyone deserves. Better late than never.

By Tullio Orlando, Caritas School of Life Executive Director