Far Beyond Driven

As a child my mother would tell me “Sometimes you have to go through hell if you want to get to heaven.” Back then I really didn’t understand what this meant. But now that I have been through my hell, I am starting to see the light at the end of my tunnel. Before seeking […]


Before entering the Caritas program, my life had become unmanageable and I had begun a downward spiral into what I perceived as my own personal hell. I felt as if my soul had died and I was lost trying to find myself in a thick everlasting fog. I have only just started to peel away […]

Wind in my Sails

Where I have been and where I may go aren’t as important as where I am. Right now, I am healthy and I am whole. I was before a ship adrift with no captain at the helm, but now I am an anchored vessel with compass and captain prepared to meet any rough waters I […]

Hello, my name is…

With my first official week as executive director concluded, I wanted an opportunity to formally introduce myself to the Caritas community. It is a privilege to be given this chance to join the agency. No stranger to the work of this organization and the status it holds in the community, I have witnessed the rebuilding […]