Human Resources & Administration Coordinator

Franca G., B.A., Psychology.,C.C.A.C.,GAIN3 Certified

Policy & Outreach Coordinator

Silvana T., BA, B.Ed

Community Outreach

arwa S., registered Social Worker, GAIN3 Certified

Case Manager

Connie T, C.C.A.C.,GAIN3 Certified, Addictions and Community Services Diploma

Senior Therapeutic Coordinators

Mike F., C.C.A.C., Addictions and Community Services Diploma

Nick S

Therapeutic Coordinators

Lee C

Nathan G

Bill H., B.A., GAIN3 Certified

John G., Addictions Worker Diploma

Clinical Consulting and Assessments

Dr. Giorgio Ilacqua, registered Psychologist

Paul Capobianco, registered Psychotherapist

Mental Health Program Coordinator

Vanessa G., B.A.,  Addictions and Mental Health Diploma

Program Support Worker

Susan P., B.A., Addictions Careworker Diploma

Peer Support Worker
Bruce P


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