A Mother’s Testimonial

I have gained from someone else’s pain.

Yes, somehow, at a time when our family needed direction, someone shared their story with my husband about their pain & suffering as their son was spiraling out of control due to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

It was if we were listening to our own life story being told out loud!

This man shared about “Caritas” and how his son got the help he needed through the program. We followed suit and contacted Caritas.

It has been 10 months now that my son has been at “Caritas School of Life”.

Thank God for this place as I believe it has truly has saved my son’s life and has given him a second chance.

It has given our family hope when we had no hope left.

I am so grateful for Caritas and only wish I had known about its program sooner but maybe then it would not have been the right time.

All I know through my 10 month experience is that this organization needs to be able to reach families outside of the Toronto area as well.
I’m from out of town, and we only came across Caritas by pure luck and our family is so “grateful”
Thank you to all of you who work so hard to rebuild the lives of our family members.

You do amazing work and the residents are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to call home while attending the “School of Life.”